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Mud, Sweat, and Heat Exhaustion

As a kid I loved watching those movies that had soldiers in training running through mud, climbing over walls, going through water filled pipes only to get to the end and be asked to do another hundred push-ups. This sense of adventure and a wanting to achieve a lot from my body pointed me toward...

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“Remember these coordinates and don’t be sick…”

Part of the departure and arrival back into the atmosphere, there exists a requirement to withstand certain gravitational forces on your body, better known as g-force.  It reminds me of the times when I was a child when my father would drive over the crest of a hill. As we went over the crest and...

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2,000,000 entrants, 105 competitors, 1 goal

Jet lag is in your mind.  I know that now because when I arrived in Florida after more than 24 hours of travelling to get there I was so pumped that even after no sleep I was raring to go.  What blew my mind further was that I was about to meet 105 people from...

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Words from the experienced

Physical training was continuing well and I felt as though I was as fit as I’d ever been.  But like most things in life, physical fitness was not the end game.  I needed to study for the theory exams that were to occur; theory on physics, aviation, and of course space.  With my passion in...

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