5 minutes of fame

Talking to the media was initially quite daunting; knowing that whatever I said would be forever launched into the cyberspace of judgement.  But surprisingly I found it so easy to talk about my passion.  There was no need to rehearse or even be careful with what I was saying as when I talked about flying, the air force, and the potential to go to space, it was so easy as I became so enthralled in everything about why I was talking to the media in the first place.  It just proved that doing what you loved was the best part to life.

I ended up doing a few promo shots for the local newspapers and a couple of radio interviews all prior to heading to the US for selection.  It was during this time I found out that a documentary would be filmed and they required some video about who I was and where I lived.  You can see them on my Facebook page by clicking the icon on the right.

All of this was fun but it wasn’t the point.  Space was the goal and as much as I had learnt through all my appeals, I needed to keep learning and to get into top shape if I was to have a fighting chance.

COMING UP: Train, spew, train more

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