Eyes for the skies

A couple of years after the movie Top Gun was released, I was standing in my back yard looking straight up.  I wasn’t looking at a Tom Cruise jet dog fighting scene playing out in front of me with missiles travelling in every direction, I was admiring an old Ansett Airlines passenger jet on approach into Melbourne.  Sleek, fast, the gleam from the white paint in the afternoon summer sun, the whistling noise of two turbofans pushing tonnes of metal through the air; I was in awe of how cool this machine was.   It was 1988 and I was three.  As my grandma often recalls to me, every time I heard a plane fly overhead I would run outside and look straight up at it until it was gone.  But I don’t think this is where my passion was born.  Even before my third birthday I was fortunate enough to fly, a lot.  My father was required to fly from here to there quite often with his job.  Being the first child with my brother and sister still only a twinkle in my parents’ eyes, I was fortunate enough to be taken along for the ride; more than 200 flights before that third birthday came.  Had I had a frequent flyer card back then, I’d probably still have lounge access today!  My passion was born, but my dream was still to be refined as you’ll find out in the coming posts.  Believe it or not, I still find myself looking up when I hear a whir in the air and can now recognise certain engine sounds and tell what aircraft it is before I even see it.  If your day is too busy, if you’re stressed, if you’re not enjoying something, take a look outside, look up, look around.  It’s amazing just stopping in your tracks and taking in your surroundings; you never know what you’ll discover or if that discovery will turn into a passion…

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