MY First Post – Love will get you there

It wasn’t just the influenza that caused me to vomit, nearly faint on several occasions, and keep me stopping at every available restroom, I was just so determined to finish.  One of my closest mates would have, if he’d been there to share it with me.  It was back in 2012 on a 12-degree Celsius morning on Philip Island in Victoria, Australia, when I embarked on a timed 20 kilometre military assault course. Not because I was in the military, but for two other reasons.  First, I wanted to raise money and awareness for the wounded and fallen soldiers who had returned from serving their country overseas.  Second, I was doing it for love; the love of adventure, the love of achieving something that many couldn’t or wouldn’t, and the love of one of my greatest mates, who was killed serving his mates and his country overseas.  The reason I pushed myself that day (against the doctor’s orders) was because of the love, the passion that I have for life, because my mate would’ve annihilated this course even without eating or sleeping for days, as exemplified by his completion of one of the most gruelling special forces selection courses in the world.  He loved the Army, loved his mates, loved his family.  He knew I had my eyes set on flying for my country, we once even joked about what it would be like to go to space.  We had a bond because we loved many similar things and he constantly demonstrated that when he had his mind set on achieving something, he would achieve it at any cost because he loved it.  Always know that you will do well in life so long as you love something, someone.  Whilst I have much more to achieve in life, I am extremely fortunate that I have a lot of love around me, and I love a lot of people and things in life.  If you can’t see something you love right now, don’t stop moving until you find that love.  Mate, even in your final hour you showed that the love of your friends, the love of what you did, helped you to achieve so much.  Captain Bryce Duffy, I dedicate my inaugural post to you.

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