My first real lesson in life

A few years on at the age of six I still remember creating a project, not because it was for school, but just because I wanted to do it.  And the topic?  Space!  On one of those large A1 sized pieces of orange cardboard, I glued on pictures of planets, wrote a paragraph on each planet below it, talked about the stars, and drew the odd picture of a dinosaur (not sure why there were dinosaurs but being six you can pretty much go for gold!).  I was about three quarters through finishing when I put it all in the bin!  This was the first time I can remember realising that sometimes I could be a bit of a perfectionist.  I got two planets in the wrong order, so I just binned the whole thing even after spending hours on it.  I’m not sure if I ever showed mum or dad this impromptu project of mine, but what I won’t forget is the mistake I made in disposing of my work.  Yes I know, six years old, still learning lots about life and about me, how can it be a mistake?  But this is where I had my first “Don’t give up” experience.  A day or two after throwing the project away, I remember thinking that it was such a waste to just bin it after the amount of work I put in.  I should have finished it even though there was an error with the content.  I carry this early life lesson with me always and this experience so early in my life would play a big part in my attitude and focus on my dream.  Just because there’s something wrong, that’s not a reason to give up or not even start.

COMING UP: How learning to play the drums and perform in front of 100′s of people helped me to deal with nerves at an early age.

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