Smells Like Opportunity

No one I know has ever won a million dollars.  When you think of winning the lottery, it’s one of those ‘that would be amazing’ scenarios, where the reality is it’s more likely to get struck by lightning.  And even though there was no storm outside, I felt the tingling of electricity within me.  When the TV advertisement said that you could get the chance to go to space, I remained in a state of disbelief for a while.  Here on a platter in front of me was my sort of competition and was one of the few times in my life where I took the time to enter a lottery.  I read through the terms and conditions; being selected to go to the Kennedy Space Centre to undertake selection was all luck, but once at selection it was all skill based assessments where luck would play no part.  So long as I got lucky I could put my knowledge gained from applying to the air force to effective use.

My mum knew what I really wanted to do in life and new the frustrations I had with getting knocked back at every turn, so it was no surprise that collectively we went out and purchased nine cans of deodorant.  I entered them all into the competition site then thought nothing more of it.  Like most competitions I tend to forget about them after I enter, brushing off the excitement with the realistic view of understanding the probability of being selected.  But every now and again I was reminded of how this could turn my continued failures with my dream into an unimaginable scenario.

A month had passed and it was pouring rain outside.  With limited funds for fixing things in my current job, the roof continued to leak in multiple places dropping murky water onto the papers on my desk.  All I would need to do is paint trees on my walls and I could pretend I was outside.  My computer wasn’t working and so I was waiting for a call back from the computer experts.  As my phone rang I glanced over the incoming number, which looked like the computer company calling and so I answered with an uninspiring hello.  The voice on the other end returned an excitable, “Is that Tim Gibson?!”  My initial thought was this was the most exciting computer technician I’d ever spoken to.  What followed made me scream with excitement…

COMING UP: Failure = Knowledge

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