The test tubes of life

I can still see the morning sun, still hear the birds chirping to the lizard running around, still smell the sweetness of the fresh morning air.  Compared to many I would consider myself very fortunate that the tests in my life have been relatively constrained.  Everyone has their own issues in life, present and past, and we all deal with them in different ways.  It’s how people react to those tests that makes the person who they are.  I’ve been picked on by “stronger” individuals, lost many close friends in quick succession (if you refer to my first post, the day I was doing that assault course in Bryce’s name another close mate died, which I found out before I started the course.  Another three would take their last breath in the coming months) had my trust broken more than once, been rejected, have had relationships end in tears, to name a few testing times.  Truth be told, I never thought I’d share this with anyone outside my close relations, but as this blog goes on I’m finding that it’s good to share experiences so others can learn from yours.  So how does this all relate to flying and my quest to go to space?  These test tubes of life helped mould my character and positioned me to win more than just that ticket to space.  The experience of losing mates only my age has particularly moulded my will to achieve, my desire to help, and my drive to not waste time, exemplified in the upcoming stories of my defence force appeals.  The experience of being picked on in school showed me what true strength really is; you get back what you give out.  Having my trust broken by people who I trusted taught me to hang around the right people and chose friends with care.  Being rejected for children’s sports teams, by girls in high school and for jobs after university showed me that if I kept chasing, I would eventually get a yes.  Having relationships ending in tears reminded me that we’re only human and we all make mistakes from which to learn from in order to better the next experience.  Note how I didn’t refer to throwing in the towel and accepting any test lying down.  Through every lesson you’ve got to hunt for betterment, for that next smile, for that next high five.  This is where my blog begins to climb to a new height.  It’s time to fly, to fight, to win…

COMING UP: Fight AND flight

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