Australian space flight winner Tim Gibson prepares for lift-off after winning competition

A Queensland man who won a worldwide competition to fly to outer space is preparing for lift-off after five days of intense training.

Meeting Buzz Aldrin

Lynx Space Academy Day 2 - HIGH-g FLYING

Support for the launch of our test vehicle

Tim Gibson is about to go to space, yes SPACE.

Follow the journey of how Tim’s movements in life lead to today, how his one dream in life was shattered, then how a twist of fate would have him going beyond the dream altogether…


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  • The Wrong Medicine
    Posted by timadmin on Jul. 14 th, 2014, 20:45 PM
    Achievement is the most satisfying and addictive thing I’ve ever experienced.  Getting through the YOU Session and the Pilot Specialised Testing had my confidence up in the sky, and I was soon expecting a call for my attendance at the final part of selection; Flight Screening.  Held over two weeks, Flight Screening is a live-in test where you fly...
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  • Pilot Specialist Testing
    Posted by timadmin on Jun. 22 nd, 2014, 11:09 AM
    Now things were starting to get real.  I’d successfully completed the YOU session and only days later was invited to the screening day for pilot applicants; Pilot Specialist Testing.  Thinking that I must have impressed people at the YOU session, I wore exactly the same suit, same tie, same white shirt and spit polished shoes with well hydrated spit. ...
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